Where the anchor drops

Welcome to our home! In April of 2017, we moved aboard our 1979 Hunter Cherubini Cutter, a 37 foot sailboat. We started the trip of a lifetime, taking time off from the “normal” world around us to explore lands that we can reach by boat.

Our first trip took us through Lakes Erie and Ontario, down the St Lawrence River and up through the Canadian maritimes; PEI, Nova Scotia and then to Maine. We then headed down the coast to to Key West and went up to FOrt Myers, Tampa and the Dry Tortugas, before heading North up the coast to New England and then back through Hew York, up the Hudson to the Erie Canal and home.

This site documented our journey and allowed us to share our experiences with you. I was still working while we traveled; we couldn’t have afforded to otherwise go, so this journey was also an exploration into the feasibility of living like this while still fully employed. Thankfully it worked out, so our adventuring will continue during the summers we live aboard.